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$28,000 or best offer
SOLD  02/12/13

Call today (828) 890 9076

This page contains 25 photopgraphs and may take a few moments to load.....scroll down the page to view.  Thank you.

For Sale: restored 1969 Land Rover Series IIA

1969 Land Rover Series IIA

  • Professional Restoration
  • 2.25 Gasoline engine
  • New Bronze Green paint
  • Galvanized chassis 
  • New Exmoor Trim Canvas Top
  • New Deluxe front seats
  • Many many new parts

This left hand drive vehicle has undergone a ground-up restoration here in our shop and is now available for sale!  It has a clear North Carolina title.

We fitted a brand new galvanized chassis and while removing the body we decided to go ahead and retstore the entire vehicle with new paintwork.  The panels were all removed and repainted in Bronze Green.  The Bulkhead has been repaired,  new springs and brakes all around.  Engine and transmission have been refreshed. 

We've added a new Exmoor Trim Canvas soft top and a deluxe interior (new seats and door panels), it's like a brand new land rover!

New Deluxe Vinyl Seats

This Land Rover is Left Hand Drive NAS

New Door Trims

Everything in the engine bay was removed before painting

New galvanized cappings and hardware

New galvanized front bumper too

Underneath; just like a brand new Land Rover!


The following pictures were taken from 2010-2012 from day one of the restoration showing much of what went into the beautiful Land Rover you see today.  The entire vehicle was stripped down and just the body panels went to the paint shop for new paint inside and out  - so there is no paint on any hardware or nuts & bolts.    You will see that the Land Rover had a hard top and rear door when we purchased it, we converted it to a soft top and tailgate, we still have the hard-top (un-restored but good condition) and can be included with the vehicle, or if anyone wants to purchase it separately let us know (828) 890 9076. 

Scroll down to view the restoration.....

1969 Land Rover arrives at the shop March 2010

Doors, roof and interior removed, unbolting the body ready for lifting off the rear tub..

Disconnecting all components ready to remove bulkhead.

Bulkhead removed using the engine crane, ready to remove the axles and fuel tank from the old frame.

Brand new galvanized chassis arrives.

New springs and shocks installed, new exhaust system and brake lines, now it's a rolling chassis.

Re-installing refreshed engine and transmission.

Bulkhead back from the paintshop we start to install electrical components.


More panels fitted, starting to look like a Land Rover again.

January 2013

The Land Rover will soon be advertised for sale & auctioned on ebay motors. 

Asking price is $28,000   SOLD 02/12/13

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Now complete January 2013